Medication Refills


Texas Child Neurology Schedule II/Controlled Substance
Medications Information for Refills

Once your child has been seen in our office there is a possibility he or she will be prescribed a controlled substance.  Due to the nature of this medication there is a very specific protocol that has to be taken.  Exceptions cannot be made.  

  • Prescriptions and refills can be sent directly to your pharmacy at NO CHARGE.

  • Prescriptions and refills (triplicates) can be picked up or mailed for a $10.00 FEE.

  • There is a 21 day time limit on scripts to be filled once written.

  • Refills can take up to 48 hours to process, please plan accordingly. Refills will be processed more rapidly if requested through the patient portal.


If you have login credentials for the patient portal, you may request a refill through the patient portal by selecting the patient portal button. Alternatively, select the button with your doctor's name. You will be taken to a request form asking for all the information we need to complete the refill request.